About us

"It was an extra strong idea – and now a brilliant reality. Put all the components needed to create simple electronic projects into a tin that fits into the palm of your hand. Add instructions. The result? Minty Geek." Rapid Electronics

The mintiest of all geeks

MarkDr Mark Brickley - the founder of Minty Geek

The inspiration for Minty Geek came from the frustration of trying to find a suitable torch for another of my hobbies, astronomy.  I couldn't source what I needed so I resolved to make one myself.  It needed to be neat and portable so with my knowledge of electronics,  I created the prototype for Torch in a tin.

I have always had an interest in electronics and a love of mints and thought what better way to make a living than combining the two? In all seriousness though I founded Minty Geek to develop innovative projects, like the torch, that encourage exploring the world of electronics for the sheer fun of doing so. Like the ubiquitous mint our projects aim to be fresh, sweet, and brilliant value.

Our Electronics lab 101 kit was also something I built at home and took it into work and challenged unsuspecting colleagues to complete it in an afternoon.  Knowing nothing about electronics, and there being no instructions in the prototype, they each failed miserably!  But the idea had been born. A fusion of compact components with easy-to-use instructions for every level of understanding that slot into a neat little mint tin.

It's great to see people getting to grips with their inner geek and experiencing a genuine sense of achievement from creating something that works.  If our Minty Geek kits inspire great invention or just bring families together through fun learning, I will have achieved my goal.

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